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The Founder

Meet Omnij's designer and founder - Chloe Poon. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chloe worked alongside her mother who owned and operated fashion boutiques for 5 years.

An agile traveler, she started Omnij in 2020, when she turned a dream into reality during her travels around the world. What began as a personal desire for jewelry that aligned with her lifestyle, Chloe started looking for practical and versatile pieces with an elegant edge.

Without much luck, she decided to take matters into her own hand and created Omnij (pronounced “Om-niche). The name was inspired by the Latin word - Omni, meaning “all, of everything” and J stands for journey.

Inspired by nature and learning from her travels, Chloe believes that we are all connected to each other’s journey of life.

Brand Inspiration

We represent modern women in this day and age - versatile and diverse. We want to incorporate elements of nature and life learning into our designs.

Chloe finds it important that her jewelry speaks to women and helps them accentuate their personal style. Fueling this inspiration is the versatility element she incorporates into the design of the KAMA earrings set.

Named after her mother, the KAMA earrings set is inspired by the sun and what it represents - warmth, possibilities, and prosperities.

The KAMA earrings set is meant to be worn in multiple styles and we want to combine elegance and functionality to accommodate modern women’s fast-changing lifestyle.

Chloe is beyond thankful for the support of her customers and friends. She considered them a great part of her journey and she hoped her creations would spark joy in their life as they did hers.