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Montenegro Things to Do

By: :Chloe at Omnij 0 comments
Montenegro Things to Do

Things to Do in Montenegro (1/2)

"What? And why?"

I've been travelling so much for the past two to three years, every time I update one of my friends of my whereabouts, that's what they'd usually say. This time, I asked myself the same question in the quietest part in Montenegro, MUO.

Montenegro Kotor old town

Why are we in Montenegro

Because of a cancelled flight from Rome to Switzerland, on top of a 3 hour train ride, 2 hours of waiting to board, and running around to get our covid test in the airport, we were so done with our original travel plan that we decided to change it completely.

Anywhere! Anywhere that's close to us in Europe at this point!

We've stayed in Dubrovnik for 2 months last year, so we thought, oh, Montenegro seems like a cool neighbor country that we don't know many people who went! Most importantly, the mountain/lake view looks amazing! BINGO! 

Lost in Montenegro

So we did a quick round of research, cancelled all of our flights and Airbnb bookings, flew to Dubrovnik from Rome (a chill 1 hour flight), then hired a car from Dubrovnik to Montenegro for another hour or two car ride.

Our driver picked us up in a Fiat at the tiny Montenegro airport and he dropped us off in front of this house right passed midnight. It was pitch-black outside, we were in the middle of nowhere, up a mountain that's way too narrow and too steep even for a Fiat, and WE WERE AT THE WRONG HOUSE! 

Exhausted and ready to just spend a night in our driver's car, we silently pulled out our phones to try and help him to find the way to our Airbnb...SHOCKED! Of course Montenegro doesn't have Google street maps...we pulled out our Airbnb booking and only to find our host had sent us a coordination number instead of an address...(pulling hair and dying inside at this point) what can we do with that?

After a long and fast exchange between the driver and the host on the phone, we finally arrived...Mamamia...

The rest was a blur, our days mostly consist of sleeping, eating, and napping. The exhaustion was real after an intense 3 months in Italy...

(2/2 coming soon)

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